Free 90 day mold coverage with MoldSafe. In the event new visible mold is discovered after the inspection, you're covered up to $2000 ($300 deductible) for remediation (removal) costs of visible mold on surfaces permanently installed on your new home. 


When you get a home inspection with Bloodhound Home Inspection,  you will receive up to $100,000 worth of FREE BENEFITS and COVERAGES after the home inspection which includes:

policy details for warranty of buried water and sewer lines that come with your home inspection

FREE Termite/Carpenter Ant Coverage for 6 Months when you have Bloodhound perform a termite inspection. Free coverage up to $700 ($250 deductible) for the cost of treatment of termites or carpenter ants. (CLICK HERE FORE DETAILS)

A Free 90 Day Warranty with your inspection that covers mechanical/structural items up to $500 mechanical/$2000 structural with no deductible just in case something goes wrong or breaks after the inspection. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

policy details for free 5 year roof leak protection that comes with your home inspection

Free 90 day buried water and sewer line protection which protects the buried water and sewer lines in case of a break or collapse up to $4000 ($300 deductible). If a sewer scope is performed with your inspection, this is extended to 12 months of coverage instead of 90 days. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

Free twelve month coverage on the structure of the the home. $5,000 per claim and $100,000 for the duration of the 12 (twelve) month policy.


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free 90 day home warranty details with your home inspection

Monster Free Warranty. For the kids moving into a new home can be scary. Your inspector will check the home for monsters and supply a certificate that the home is deemed Monster Free for them to keep.

free mold protection details that come with your home inspection

Your family is also protected with a Free Appliance Recall Check. This service checks all the major appliances (furnace, water heater, refrigerator, etc. ) staying with the home for fire safety hazards for life. This list is updated to you every month so that you will be notified if there are any safety issues with your appliances. You may also add additional appliances that you bring into your new home to the list to be tracked every month at no additional charge.

*All warranties are backed and claims paid by RWS (Residential Warranty Services), a national warranty company, in accordance with their policies.

Free radon coverage of up to $1200 ($250 deductible) when Bloodhound Home Inspection does a radon test and it comes under 4.0 and retest after move in (policy is up to 120 days) and the new number that comes in is above 4.0. This can come in handy when the initial test is close to 4 but not over it as the seller has no obligation to put a system in at that point.


policy details for the radon protection plan when you get a radon test with Bloodhound Home Inspection
policy details for free coverage of termites and carpenter ants when Bloodhound performs your termite inspection

FREE 5 Year Roof Leak Coverage. Free coverage up to $3000 ($500 deductible/leak) for 5 years after the inspection to help cover the occurrence of a major leak repair.