Real Estate Professionals, get your Official Client Protection Expert Certification here for free. Brought to you conveniently by  Bloodhound Home Inspection Services

The Client Protection Expert Certification (CPE) is a designation for Real Estate Professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada that have shown proficiency in Home Inspection practices and standards, Home Warranty coverage issues, and General risk reduction practices for clients in regards to Property Condition Issues.  

The Certification Process is online and consists of 10 or more questions and explanations.  Each question will have to be answered correctly either the first time or after being presented with the detailed explanation.  If any question is incorrectly answered twice, you will have to begin the entire process all over again.  

Upon successful completion, you will be granted full use of the CPE designation and will receive a Certificate of Completion from Home Inspection University as well.  The cost for all of this is $0, thanks to our sponsors.