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Courses Available

  1. ​​ Avoiding Aggravations of Home Inspections    (1 Credit)
  2. Avoiding the Aggravations of Home Inspections (2 Credits)
  3. Going Green: For Real Estate Agents (1 Credit)
  4. Heating Systems for Real Estate Agents            (2 Credits)
  5. Inspecting the Peripherals: From Garage Doors to Sprinkler Systems (2 Credits)
  6. Kitchen and Bath Appliances: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know (2 Credits)
  7. Lead Safety: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know (2 Credits)
  8. Managing the Home Inspection (1 Credit)
  9. Managing the Home Inspection (3 Credits)
  10. Mold: What you Need to Know About Mold and How to Read Air Sampling Reports (2 Credits)
  11. Radon and Real Estate Transactions (3 Credits)
  12. Understanding Residential Electrical Inspections: For Real Estate Agents (2 Credits)

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