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Paint and granite are great when selling a home​, but when the home inspector comes through, all that sweat equity could be lost in just a couple hours. While buyers are looking for layouts and features, home inspectors are there trying to find out what's wrong or hazardous in a home. If these are things you overlooked in your renovations it can now cost you thousands of dollars or even worse, a buyer walking away and starting back at square one.  Here's how a typical sale works:

  • Buyer likes your home, puts in an offer
  • You negotiate to an agreeable price
  • Buyer makes the sale contingent on a home inspection
  • Home inspectors always find something, whether small or major. Major items are typically $500 or more and can cause a disruption in your contract that can let the buyer walk on a deal and you're left to disclose those items to the next buyer
  • Major issues can cause you to either renegotiate the deal or scramble to get contractors in last minute, typically at a higher price, to get the job done quickly

Why negotiate the deal twice

and lose even more money?

By being proactive and getting your home inspected before you list with a real estate agent or list on your own puts you in the driver's seat. Once the buyer gets the home inspection, they are now in control of the deal on your home, not you, the owner.

Below is our listing package that puts you in the driver's seat and will get your listing ready for maximum profit potential and we'll even back it with a Mortgage Protection Guarantee when you use one of the Inspected Houses Agents that are enrolled into the program.